Creating A Diet Plan For Weight Loss That Works

Creating a diet plan is a good strategy if you want to lose weight. It will be easier to achieve your goals if you can break down your plan into smaller steps that you can take on a daily basis. Here is how you can create a diet plan that works.

1. Start By Assessing Your Needs

Do you know how many calories you need to eat in a day? How many times a day do you need to eat? You need to create a diet plan that is adapted to your needs so you do not feel hungry while you go through your weight loss plan. You can find diet plans online or purchase one but keep in mind that they might not be adapted to your unique needs.

The 3 Week Diet

2. Don’t Make Things Too Complicated

You will get better results if your diet plan is not overly complicated. You need to focus on adopting a healthy diet that is adapted to your needs and keep things simple. You will lose weight if you can adopt healthier habits but there is no need to eat specific foods or to eliminate some foods from your diet.

3. Create A Diet Plan Adapted To Your Lifestyle

Your diet plan will not be easy to follow if you have to go out of your way to cook or to find certain foods. An efficient diet plan should be based on the foods you love and should be adapted to your lifestyle. You can for instance plan your meals for the week in advance and cook everything during the weekend so you can freeze smaller portions. Avoid dishes that require fresh ingredients if you don’t have time to go grocery shopping more than once a week.

4. Make Snacking A Part Of Your Plan

Cutting back on snacking will help you lose weight but this doesn’t mean you have to completely eliminate snacking. You need to leave some room for snacks in your diet plan and should look for healthier alternatives. Eating a mid-morning snack will give you a well-needed energy boost and will help you make healthier nutritional choices at lunchtime.

5. Set Some Goals That Are Achievable

Following a diet plan is not easy and you will have to find ways to stay motivated. It will be easier to stick to your plan if you set some small daily or weekly goals that are achievable. You will find that achieving your goals is a very rewarding experience and a source of motivation. Set some smaller goals such as avoiding a specific unhealthy snack, cutting back on the portions you eat or finding a new healthy dish you love.

The 3 Week Diet

You will probably have to make a few adjustments to your diet plan once you start following it. Get some help from a nutritionist if you are not sure how to create a healthy diet plan or do more research on nutrition and weight loss before you get started.

Weight Loss And Diet Plans Programs In NY Are Selling A Lot

A NYC personal workout trainer starts out by promising a student that he will do whatever it takes to help his student lose all the weight he wants. In return he tells the person to obey him at all times and to keep his/her temptations in check.

It all starts out with a daily hour dedicated to cardio exercises. Some people even add a run or a swim to the mix to speed up the process. The workout will never show its effect without a proper healthy diet. The trainer makes sure he/she makes a chart for every person they are training. The big apple also houses people who are surrounded by work 24 hours a day and rarely even find time to grab a bite. For such people the trainers have come out with a new and fun way to lose weight.

The 3 Week Diet
A personal workout program in NYC doesn’t cost much but delivers the results is followed properly. The pack consists of either a book or a DVD. This is a full routine of exercises that the user can follow to lose the weight and look slick. There are different programs for different body types so that there are no side effects. The workout programs get more intense with the passing number of days and also instruct the user on how to maintain the body.

Fitness programs in NYC are a bit different from workout programs. There are hundreds and thousands of these available in the market. The customers are often confused and choose wrong. There are many fake products out there which make unrealistic promises and are super cheap. This is a dead giveaway and if people fail to spot them their bodies will bear the brunt. Proper fitness programs like Venus Factor are designed by fitness experts and professionals who know how it all goes about. They never make false promises and ensure zero side effects.Weight loss personal training in NY is very common and people are very serious about it all.

The 3 Week Diet

Staying in shape makes people feel good and confident about themselves and they begin to love life. People visit gyms, dance classes, aerobics, etc., all this to look good and feel good. A weigh loss program in NY is of many types. Some people love to learn something while doing it, for them there are dance lessons aimed at weight loss like Zumba. Next are the people who are always busy and find it difficult to take out time and visit a gym. For them there are virtual tutorials on how to lose weight.

There is something for everyone and all the people have to do is choose carefully and follow willfully. The tough part about weight loss is not the weight loss itself but maintaining the toned body after the loss. Some people get obsessed with fitness and continue to better themselves all their lives. Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson is a classic example. He was a wrestler, and then became and actor but he never stopped working out.

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5-HTP Max Review

5-HTP stands for 5-Hydroxytryptophan. This is a chemical component created by the physical body. It functions as an all-natural appetite suppressant. It likewise creates serotonin that is a vital hormonal agent to manage our mood. Additionally, it can be discovered in some foods such as banana, cheese, meat, and also milk as an all-natural amino acid.

5-HTP does not consist of intense adverse effects. Its particle can successfully browse with the blood mind obstacle of the physical body to ensure that it can swiftly get to the mind. In this way, 5-HTP could enhance the needed adjustments in the mind chemical make up of the physical body. It aids promote quality rest as well as regulate the appetite. This is useful for people that intend to lose excess weight in a natural means. The factor behind this is that a high serotonin degree minimizes hunger and can create a specific to feel fuller promptly without needing to limit the intake of food.

A high level of serotonin in the physical body could make you feel a whole lot better. There are other methods to generate serotonin such as illegal drugs as well as antidepressant medication, but a more natural method of doing it is to take supplements with 5-HTP.

There are several gain from 5-HTP. One of these is fat burning. There are several research studies showed that 5-HTP can help in reducing obesity. Scientific tests validated that 5-HTPsupplements generate positive outcomes in regards to fat burning. According to among the researches, 5-HTP reduced the complete quantity of everyday calories without an effort of slimming down by among the lady individuals. Furthermore, the ordinary weight loss in the claimed research was three pounds within the duration of five weeks. Baseding on one more research, 5-HTP works at the brain’s satiety facility, and cues the yous to take in minimal calories during dishes. Consequently, weight reduction occurred.

The following advantage of 5-HTP is related to sleeplessness. The brain calls for steady serotonin degrees for far better rest. Taking 5-HTP everyday can aid in decreasing the moment for an individual to fall asleep. Therefore, it encourages longer duration of rest as well as enhances the quality of your sleep.

Individuals experiencing sleep troubles could make use of 5-HTP. Baseding on them, it is similar or even more suitable compared to prescribed drugs. Furthermore, it does not consist of any repulsive additives.

An additional benefit of 5-HTP is for depression as well as anxiousness. Lots of people are unable to find an ideal anti-depressant medicine. The good idea is that there are individuals which uncovered an alternative remedy in the form of supplements 5-Hydroxytrytophan is endorsed not only for people which intend to drop weight or are experiencing sleeping disorders, however likewise for individuals which are suffering from stress and anxiety issues and also anxiety.

The intake of additional 5-HTP is normally secure, as the body makes it normally. In addition, it likewise promotes healthy and balanced body functions. Physician Oz, which is a tv individuality, states that expecting females must avoid using the supplement although it is risk-free typically.

5-Hydrocytryptophan or 5-HTP supplements are verified to have several benefits for an individual’s wellness. Nonetheless, customers ought to be conscious that much like any other dietary tablets or supplements, the strength of 5-HTP could be experienced after several days or weeks, according to a person’s consumption. Individuals are suggested to begin with a tiny dose initially, after that gradually boost the consumption relying on the correct amount you like. You have to be watchful that 5-HTP supplements just enhance specific physical body cells to develop natural chemical serotonin.

It is advisable to speak with a medical professional first prior to utilizing 5-HTP supplements.


An Anatomy of Amaranth: Nature’s Perfect Food

Many of life’s perfections are created and found in nature. Beautiful gems, medicines and perhaps most importantly, food and water, are found in nature ready and waiting for us to come and harvest them. Amaranth is one such food cultivated by nature to be highly nutritious, versatile, and chocked full of health benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Such foods cannot be manmade or otherwise synthetically produced, which makes these nature made wonder foods something you should be adding to your diet immediately.

What Is Amaranth?

Amaranth, or amaranthus, refers to over 60 species of tall, green plants that sport vibrant purple, red, or gold flowers. Its name comes from the Greek ‘amarantos’ which means ‘unfading’ or ‘one that does not fade.’

This plant certainly lives up to its name for the flowers are as vibrant and beautiful as ever, even after they have been harvested and dried. Often found as a beautiful member of showy gardens, amaranth has been around for centuries. It was a staple for the Aztec Empire and was used for both food and ceremonial reasons.

While it is commonly thought of as a cereal grain, amaranth is not exactly a “true” whole grain. However, thanks to its glowing nutrient profile, it is often lumped together with other cereals due to its versatility.

Health Benefits of Amaranth

1. It’s Chocked Full of Vitamins and Minerals: There is a long and winding list of health benefits found in amaranth that do wonders for the body. Amaranth contains over three times the average amount of calcium than most plant foods and is also a great source of potassium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. These nutrients are important for regulating your appetite, building strong bones, cleansing, and oxygenating the blood, and a host of other housekeeping functions for bodily systems. This is also the only grain that has been shown to contain vitamin C, which is well known for boosting the immune system and aiding in the fight against disease and illnesses.

2. It’s An Excellent Source of Protein: Amaranth is also an excellent source of protein. It contains much more protein than most other grains and contains lysine, which is an amino acid often missing from whole grains. When added to a diet, amaranth offers boosted energy levels and promotes bowel regularity and a healthy metabolism. It also contains lunasin, a peptide that was previously identified in soybeans and was thought to help prevent cancer as well as reduce inflammation that is present with certain chronic health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

3. It Promotes Heart Health: Studies have shown that amaranth is a whole grain that can potentially lower cholesterol effective. Through various studies conducted over the last decade, findings have shown that, when fed to chickens, the amount of bad cholesterol in the body was lowered significantly. This study was duplicated in Canada, the U.S., and Russia, and each study offered similar results. While promising, whether or not amaranth will have the same effect on human’s remains to be seen. However, it can’t hurt to add this to your daily heart-healthy regimen.

4. It’s Gluten-Free: Today, gluten-free diets are extremely popular and widely sought after. Those with Celiac disease must follow them, but those without Celiac disease have also found them to be a healthy option in their lives. Many find that cutting out gluten makes them feel better, lighter, and more alert. Luckily, adding amaranth to your gluten-free diet is easy and it can be used as a great substitute for other grains used in dough to increase elasticity and allow for leavening.

Make This Extremely Versatile Plant A Part Of Your Lifestyle

For centuries, amaranth has been used by humans for a number of different reasons. In addition to the listed health benefits, just about every inch of this plant can be used for something.

The seed is an excellent source of protein and is easy to cook and the seed flour is ideal for healthy baked goods. The leaves, roots, and stems are also consumed as leafy veggies in many parts of the world and used for cooking and various dishes. They can be steamed, mashed, or simply seasoned and added to a favorite dish.

In addition to being used as food, the amaranth plant is also used for aesthetic reasons. The gorgeous flowers of this plant have been widely used for dyes—specifically as a source of a deep red dye that comes from the flowers. It is also used for ornamental reasons in gardens or in homes and is grown for both its beauty and its many uses.

Eating Well Even When You Have Arthritis

Anyone who suffers from arthritis is in danger of not getting adequate nutrition because it can be so difficult for them to shop for groceries. Even if they manage this task, they might find it hard to prepare healthy meals because they are not able to stand or sit for long periods of time. They might also experience hand pain trying to do even the simplest of chores such as chopping or opening a can or jar.

What limits people having arthritis?

More than 52 million Americans experience some form of arthritis, which limits their mobility for even the simplest of tasks. Fortunately, there are many ways to buy groceries online these days, or you can have them delivered. In terms of hand issues, buy ready-cut vegetables, or use frozen. You can also use a Magic Bullet or food processor. Also check out the handy kitchen tools that are approved by the Arthritis Foundation.

Another important consideration for arthritis sufferers is one most of us face: needing to watch our weight. It is essential to reduce wear and tear on the joints and take a load off the ankles, knees and hips.

Make every calorie count.

Those with arthritis should make every calorie count with nutritious as well as delicious foods. This is especially important because arthritis sufferers are not able to exercise easily due to pain. Water aerobics, yoga, and a sensible walking program can all help shed extra pounds and increase mobility, so you will not stiffen up and experience further pain.

A third key consideration for meal planning when you have arthritis is whether or not the foods you are eating will trigger inflammation in the body. With inflammation, your body starts to attack itself. This is why arthritis is termed an auto-immune disorder. Rheumatoid arthritis in particular is sensitive to inflammation, and can cause severe pain and damage to the joints.

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, with lean protein, and few processed foods, is thought to reduce inflammation. Top foods anti-inflammatory foods to eat include apples, broccoli, and fish. Top foods to avoid include gluten, found in most grain-based foods; artificial sweeteners like aspartame; sugar; and alcohol.

Mobility issues, excess weight, and inflammation may all make it difficult to eat a balanced diet if you have arthritis. Use the resources available and to plan your own healthy balanced meals with the help of the right kitchen implements and shortcuts and see what a difference it can make to keep all of your health goals on track.

Successful Tips To Help You In Your Weight Loss Struggle!


Is Weight Loss Difficult For You?

Is fat loss hard in your case? There is absolutely no fast solution for weight reduction. You’ll find how-to’s, however, which makes fat loss an extremely less complicated course of action. With some expertise, some tolerance and difficult operate, you can see how straightforward diet and lifestyle . might be.

Try to replace any where from 64 to 96 oz water every day. It will seem like a good deal and, naturally, you wish to propagate every day against each other in the morning. Mineral water does lose weight however which is the best way to quicken your fat burning capacity.

The best way to lose fat is getting a number of tutorial conditioning Dvd videos. In relation to conditioning Dvd videos, the mix really is endless. You’ll be able to go along with party conditioning packages additionally, you can even versions that concentrate on stretches or equilibrium. You may have the ability to exercise routine starting from your own property.

Comb teeth soon after mealtime and munch. Combing teeth will in reality turn into a depths of the mind type of sign when this occurs. It’s going to transmission in your entire body it is completed ingesting. It will eliminate the style of foods from the oral cavity and prevent you from snack.

What is the best way to lose weight?

A fantastic idea to assist you lose fat is always to set off and simply take a stroll once you notice the need to munch. At times it is just about unproductive oneself if you are famished. Leaving behind your house and enjoying a wander is a good diversion from unwanted feelings from craving for food.

Several new diet plans entail entirely removing sugars from the diet regime so that you can lose fat. From your health point of view, this is simply not the most effective thought. Young people need carbohydrate food to work effectively, specifically sportsmen. Carbohydrate food offer the future vitality necessary to be competitive in sporting activities, so will not lessen them in case you are actually lively.

A simple way to limit the quantity you consume is always to basically take in less quickly. Cease, chew up, and relish your meal. Usually do not end dinner inside of a few minutes of sitting yourself down from it. When you eat too quickly, the human brain cannot send out the InchestotalInches transmission in your abdomen with time. You can be overindulging and a lot probably packing on weight when you eat too quickly.

Weight-loss will no longer have to become have difficulty in your case. Reducing your weight sometimes happens, and you will be successful advertising online. As it were stick to our helpful pointers you should have little difficulty shedding the excess bodyweight which has been loitering for a touch too extended.

Weight-Loss Suggestion Healthy And Balanced Morning Meal Boosts Metabolic Rate

Preferred some healthy and balanced weight-loss ideas? Well, it is never been easy to reduce weight. It can take you hard work, time and you need to think in a brand-new method. Might be you have actually tried one diet plan after one more only to be disappointed by even more boost in your weight.

It would certainly be remiss of me, in giving these weight loss suggestions for guys, if I did not advise this upcoming suggestion. Beverage a little much less alcoholic beverages. This suggestion alone is going to be a huge aspect for guys that are significant concerning reducing weight, constructing muscle and keeping the weight from ever before returning. Bear in mind the idea regarding consuming more water? The more water you drink the less alcohol you’ll have the ability to eat and the much less starving you will be likewise.

Nothing is more effective compared to your desire and absolutely nothing can stand as a hurdle to your weight-loss efforts. The secret after that is to initially take the choice, and the second thing is to follow this fat burning tips for ladies to help you obtain your objective: –

It is more challenging to burn fat for ladies compared to it is for guys. Men have higher metabolic fee and burn additional calories; they could build muscular tissues much easier – muscle building contributes to burning fatty tissue. One more point is when females age hormone modifications occur and this in addition to wrong diet and absence of exercise adds to weight gain. Taking every one of these into consideration ladies need to pay additional attention to their way of living, to what they eat and exactly how they work out. Some weight loss suggestions for women:

best way to burn fat

Let’s be sincere, there’s a single man worldwide that can acquire away with having a belly that shakes like a bowl loaded with jelly and chances are, you’re not your man. Belly fatty tissue on men is one of the most unattractive appeals, however beyond the visual appeals, belly fatty tissue is additionally a leading indication of heart disease. If you intend to eliminate fats around your midsection for not just the way you look but also for your wellness here are a few weight-loss ideas for men.

These treadmill weight loss pointers are a great method to aid you shed a couple of pounds and shape up. A treadmill is created for the most all-natural form of exercise which is walking. You do not need any special abilities to make use of these machines since if you could walk, you could work out on a treadmill.

Often the most basic fat burning tips wind up proving to be the best. This makes sense as those that are easiest are the most convenient to put into practice as well as most convenient to preserve. One weight management idea which I make sure we have all listened to before is to consume 2 large glasses of water before you eat your dishes. Now this is certainly rather simple to do and neither does it cost anything.

It really is merely also difficult when you

Weight Loss Results that Will Shock Even You.

Would you believe someone who said you can enjoy being on a diet? Would you believe easy weight loss means eating more? Can you believe it is possible to have weight loss results that are permanent, fast, and easy? No, this is not science fiction, a diet supplement, surgery, or any extreme ideas. It is time to throw the dieting myths out the door and lay down some real facts about how to lose weigh the right way.

Fast Weight Loss Results May Hide the Truth

It is time of a touch of bad news. Those articles in the magazines, the ads on TV, and flyers in the grocery store claiming miracle weight loss are hiding the truth. Yes, you can lose massive amounts of weight in just a few days. It is not fat. You lose water weight, fat, and muscle at the same time. Sadly, most of the weight loss is water. That first week of dramatic weight loss will be followed by stagnation if the diet is based on severe calorie reductions. Your body quickly slows down the metabolism to stop the starvation emergency and weight loss slows to nothing. You have probably seen this happen.

A better plan is to have a diet that maximizes your metabolism to allow your body to do the work for you. You may still see a large weight loss during the first few weeks from water loss, but your body does not shut down. Instead, it is giving you more energy and burning calories faster.  It starts by eating right.

Eating for Weight Loss and Energy Gains

Change your focus on eating from simply trying to lose weight to increasing your energy at the same time. Choose foods that you know will improve your health and energy. Use lean meats and beans for protein. Choose plenty of fresh vegetables. Eat fresh fruit. Include whole grain breads, pastas, and tortillas in your menu plan. You should eat nuts and other sources of healthy fats.

Change your eating plan from 3 big meals per day to 5 or 6 smaller meals. Never let yourself go more than 4 hours without eating. This helps maximize your energy levels. This is important for keeping weight off. Easy weight loss is achieved by getting your body to burn the fat, not starving it.fat man eating

A Body In Motion Causes Rapid Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight fast? You cannot accomplish it with starvation diets. With those types of diets you get rapid weight loss, followed by plateaus, and then rapid weight gain. A body that is starving is lazy, tired, and motionless.

A body that is well fed with the right foods is packed with energy. It is time to use it. What would you do if you had massive amounts of energy? You could start going to a karate class. You can start dancing to your favorite songs. Take your children to the park and prove you have massive energy. If you want to transform your body dramatically go ahead and sign up for a strength building class, aerobics, or kick boxing course. You have the energy to do it. More importantly, by using the energy you increase your metabolism even further giving you more energy.

Do not worry about what kind of movement, just start moving. Enjoy parking further away and walking to the office. Walk up and down every aisle in the grocery store to find out what is new on the shelves. You may even discover some new fruits, vegetables, or exotic breads you want to try.

Do Not Become a Food Hermit

Just a few things cause most people to stop their weight loss diet. They include:

  • Being tired all the time
  • Grumpiness
  • Food denial – Missing the foods you love
  • Hunger

What we are recommending eliminates all of these. You will be eating plenty of food and calories to eliminate low energy and hunger. You are eating frequently so hunger is unlikely. Grumpiness is caused by low blood sugar and hunger. You will not have those issues.

You do not deny foods to yourself, either. Focus on high quality foods and sticking to a plan 90% of the time. If you can do that, 10% of the time you can enjoy those favorites. You need them. It is what makes you enjoy life and eliminates those cravings that cause you to quit. Just remember, your focus is on eating for energy and moving more. With that combination, you burn the fat and change your body permanently.

What about the weight loss results that may shock you? People who follow the right ideas report losing up to 12% of their body weight in 30 days. Remember, that is without the problems of low energy, grumpiness, and hunger. That is shocking and exciting.


What is the Best Way to Burn Fat and Keep It Off Permanently?

It seems every time we turn around we hear about a new way to lose fat and get our weight under control. Every new fad promises to teach us a new way to lose fat faster, but very few plans teach us how to get the weight off and keep it off for a lifetime. Have you ever tried a diet plan everyone raved about and ended up weighing more a few months after you quit? It happens with almost every fad diet for a good reason.
Your body develops a set point. If you have been 50 pounds overweight for years, your body adjusts your metabolic rate to keep you there. Your weight probably fluctuates a few pounds up and down, but always drifts back to the same level or slowly gets fatter. If you go on a strict diet, your body starts fighting back. Your metabolism slows down. You start feeling lethargic, lazy, and tired. You may get headaches, mood swings, and feel unwell.  Does that sound like something you have experienced before?

Speed up your metabolism and see the result.

The best way to lose weight and eliminate fat is to speed up your metabolism and reset your body’s normal set point. Increasing your metabolism accomplishes several critical items.

  • You burn fat through the entire day.
  • You do not suffer from hunger pains.
  • You eliminate the headaches, tiredness, and mood swings.

Think about those three items for a moment. Those are the reasons you quit most diets. The diet becomes more painful than being fat. You drop off the diet, start eating normally, and end up fatter than before. Your metabolism slowed down while you were on the diet and your normal portions are now too much food. Most dieters have suffered through this vicious way to burn fat
Imagine how different it would be if you could eat more, lose fat, and gain muscle to reshape your body without the side effects of dieting. That is exactly how the proper method of losing fat works.

Key ideas on burning fat

Here are a few of the key ideas on how to burn off the fast while you maintain or increase muscles:

  • It is not how much food; it is what foods you eat.
  • Having the proper nutrition is 90% of the battle in losing weight.
  • You must maximize your metabolic rate, not starve your body.
  • Do you eat enough food to keep your metabolism high?
  • How often do you eat?
  • Movement is the key to changing your life.
  • Are you trying to do it alone?

Consider the truth in those statements. You can eat several pieces of healthy fruit and consume less calories than a piece of cake. In one leading diet, they recommend you eat healthy for 90% of your meals and enjoy your “sinful” foods the other 10% of the time. How many diets give you that flexibility? This is wise advice. Transforming your eating patterns to eat healthy 90% of the time is easier than denying yourself those delightful treats forever. This is diet you can stick to and not feel the need to cheat. There is a secondary reason this makes sense. Those breaks from healthy foods can help your metabolism say in overdrive burning even more calories.

You also have to move.

Movement and proper nutrition combined are the catalysts to increasing your metabolic rate and burning fat quickly. Notice, we did not say high numbers of hours in the gym. You should choose to exercise sensibly several times per week and then add one more element. Start moving more. It is that simple. Get up and walk around the house a few more times each day. Go up and down the stairs a couple of extra times. Park your car farther away. Become bouncy like a child. Any type of activity burns additional calories and turns up your metabolism slightly. Proper nutrition gives you the fuel to feel energetic and enjoy the extra movement.

You probably noticed we mention how much and how often do you eat. You should not decrease your calories dramatically. Instead, you should change to eating healthier foods that increase your metabolism and move your weights set point lower. Eating 5 to 6 small meals per day gives you greater energy, reduces hunger pains, and drives your metabolism even higher.

The real magic is not in discovering easy aerobic exercises or extreme food deprivation. The magic to losing weight and burning fat is adjusting your metabolism. Change your way of thinking, eating, and moving, and you will lose weight.


Do You Need to Lose the Weight Permanently This Time?

Most diets have one thing in common. Their success plans look like roller coasters. Your weight plummets down and then climbs back to the top again. It never stops at the low spots for long before racing back to your heaviest weights again. If you need to lose weight and keep it off, you must get off the roller coaster and try some new ideas.

Why Your Scale May Lie to You

What do you really wish to accomplish? You probably set your goal as a certain number of pounds you would like to lose. How many is it? The problem with that theory is your scale can be a terrible liar. What you really want is to lose fat and transform your body. You want to change the way you look and feel. The weight you lose on many diets is not only fat. You lose lean muscle, too. The 30-pound loss you accomplish could be 20 pounds of fat and 10 pounds of muscle loss.


That result is disastrous for keeping the weight off. With muscle loss, your body will burn fewer calories, have a slower metabolism, and regain fat easily. A better option is to start with a body mass calculator to determine how much fat you need to lose. Figure your body fat percentage and then work to reduce that percentage. Gaining muscle is a good thing. Losing muscle is bad. Change you plan from wanting to reduce weight to wanting to lose fat.

Food is NOT the Enemy

If you had the advice from experts of a weight loss clinic, what do you think they would advise? The real experts in long-term weight loss do not suggest severe dietary restrictions. They know exactly what happens to your body. It begins to shut down the fat burning systems. Your metabolism changes from go to slow. Your body can quickly switch from fat burning into a fat preserving machine.

The challenge is to eat the right foods and eat enough of them. Let us look at an easy example using a 30-year-old woman that is 5’6” tall, is moderately active, and currently weight 180 pounds. Her current BMI (Body Mass Index) is 29 indicating she is overweight and one notch away from obese. Her target weight is 130 pounds to reach a very healthy BMI of 20. To maintain her weight she needs to eat about 2100 calories per day. What do most diets suggest?

In most diets for weight loss she is told to aim for 1400 calories per day. That gives her a 4900 calorie deficit per week which results in losing less than 1.5 pounds per week. Here is the bad part of this plan. At 1400 calories, her body will adjust by dropping her metabolism to a slower rate. Soon it will figure out how to live on 1400 calories per day and she will plateau. This usually happens in a few weeks. So, she ends up losing 5 to 10 pounds and then the weight loss slows to nothing. Does that sound familiar?

When you choose the right types of foods and eat more something amazing happens. You can eat slightly under your old 2100 calories and lose fat faster. Your metabolism increases causing your to burn fat easily. You have an increase in energy allowing you to become more active. You burn even more calories because you start moving more.

You must learn to embrace the right foods and good nutrition as the path to weight loss instead of using food denial. Even your occasional treats of favorite foods can help you stay on track when you eat the right foods 90% of the time. You must stop the insanity of denying your body fuel and start using your body the right way.

As you noticed, we mentioned the importance of movement. You need to make sure you start moving more. It is a good idea to have an exercise plan that provides strength conditioning and aerobic fitness. You do not need to have a crazy exercise program, just something simple. Even increasing the amount of walking, manual work, and play you do can make a big difference in improving your metabolism and burning calories.

Do Not Do it Alone

There is one piece of advice that can help you succeed with greater ease. Do not try to diet and transform your body on your own. You can buddy up with a friend, or choose a group that provides support to lose weight through a forum or online group. Having experts and friends that understand what you are doing can boost your morale and belief.  Following these few concepts will get you on track to lose weight permanently.