June 21

An Unexpected Diet Plan for Weight Loss.


Are you tired of people telling you to eat less? You look around at your “thin friends” and they are eating more than you are and stay skinny. It is not fair. Why do they have all the luck when you tried every highly recommended diet plan for weight loss under the sun? They do not have luck. They have something you are missing, but can get. They have a higher metabolism than you do. They burn calories and fat at a faster rate than you do. Do you want to become one of those lucky lean people?

The first thing you need to do is throw away all your preconceived notions about dieting. You cannot effectively lose weight permanently following weight loss diets that recommend extreme dietary restrictions. You should avoid diets that focus on a single food group, too. Eliminating starches, meats, or other categories of foods from your diet can slow your weight loss and guarantee you will gain the weight back. Let us take a minute and discuss something a little more common sense, effective, and proven to work.

You Must Have Proper Nutrition in Adequate Quantity to Lose Weight

Read that title again. You must have the proper nutrition that comes from healthy food choices. You probably already knew that one. You must have adequate quantities of food included in your nutrition plans to lose weight and keep it off.

Many diets suggest a 300-pound man can reduce to 1600 calories per day and lose weight effectively. It is not correct. He can reduce to 1600 calories and be miserable, tired, angry, and lose weight slowly until he plateaus. You know that is true. You have probably tried a low calorie diet and lost weight effectively for a couple of weeks. Then the weight loss became slower. You stopped losing weight. You became frustrated and quit.
This same man could change his methods of eating, his food choices, and increase his activity modestly and lose weight faster and without all the side effects. Yes, quitting your diet is a side effect of bad nutrition and weight loss plans. Few people have the will power necessary to stay miserable for months. You need a plan that gives you plenty of food to eat, variety, and enjoyment.

Make it simple

The amazing thing is when you follow a few simple ideas everything becomes easier. Here are a few core components to losing weight effectively:

  • Eat the right foods most of the time. Allow yourself to “cheat” about 5 to 10% of the time.
  • Eat more often. Do not follow the theory of 3 healthy meals, or skipping meals. It is a disaster.
  • Move

We are not going to try to list the right foods in this article. You know what most of them by your own instincts. Healthy fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats, whole grain products, and other items make up the core of the list. Choosing the right foods is 80% of your battle. If you get this part right you are on the road to success. You will stabilize insulin production and increase your metabolic rate. Both of those are keys to fat loss.

Eating frequently plays a critical role, too. When you eat planned meals every 3 to 4 hours you avoid unhealthy snacks, overeating, and hunger pains. It helps increase your metabolism and keeps your insulin and glucose levels under check.

The last item in our list is MOVE. Any healthy weight loss plan that does not tell you to move more frequently is a fad. The only way to change your body permanently is to change your metabolism. This is done by eating healthier and moving more. This does not mean you must go to the fitness club an hour per day. You just need to think about moving more. Play with your children more. Walk the stairs extra times. Take a stroll at lunch. Choose to walk to the park to read your book instead of sitting at home. Adding a few extra steps dozens of times per day can make a big difference. You should plan to exercise, but make your focus on the idea of movement.

As a final word on weight reduction plans, do not become a martyr. You know exactly what we mean. Do not deny yourself the enjoyment of your favorite foods. Do not accept the idea that hunger pains, headaches, mood swings, and feeling tired are normal when you diet. The right diet allows you to enjoy those delightful foods on occasion. It provides you with greater energy, less mood swings, and energy that soars. You can change your life with the right diet plan.



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