June 23

Do You Need to Lose the Weight Permanently This Time?


Most diets have one thing in common. Their success plans look like roller coasters. Your weight plummets down and then climbs back to the top again. It never stops at the low spots for long before racing back to your heaviest weights again. If you need to lose weight and keep it off, you must get off the roller coaster and try some new ideas.

Why Your Scale May Lie to You

What do you really wish to accomplish? You probably set your goal as a certain number of pounds you would like to lose. How many is it? The problem with that theory is your scale can be a terrible liar. What you really want is to lose fat and transform your body. You want to change the way you look and feel. The weight you lose on many diets is not only fat. You lose lean muscle, too. The 30-pound loss you accomplish could be 20 pounds of fat and 10 pounds of muscle loss.


That result is disastrous for keeping the weight off. With muscle loss, your body will burn fewer calories, have a slower metabolism, and regain fat easily. A better option is to start with a body mass calculator to determine how much fat you need to lose. Figure your body fat percentage and then work to reduce that percentage. Gaining muscle is a good thing. Losing muscle is bad. Change you plan from wanting to reduce weight to wanting to lose fat.

Food is NOT the Enemy

If you had the advice from experts of a weight loss clinic, what do you think they would advise? The real experts in long-term weight loss do not suggest severe dietary restrictions. They know exactly what happens to your body. It begins to shut down the fat burning systems. Your metabolism changes from go to slow. Your body can quickly switch from fat burning into a fat preserving machine.

The challenge is to eat the right foods and eat enough of them. Let us look at an easy example using a 30-year-old woman that is 5’6” tall, is moderately active, and currently weight 180 pounds. Her current BMI (Body Mass Index) is 29 indicating she is overweight and one notch away from obese. Her target weight is 130 pounds to reach a very healthy BMI of 20. To maintain her weight she needs to eat about 2100 calories per day. What do most diets suggest?

In most diets for weight loss she is told to aim for 1400 calories per day. That gives her a 4900 calorie deficit per week which results in losing less than 1.5 pounds per week. Here is the bad part of this plan. At 1400 calories, her body will adjust by dropping her metabolism to a slower rate. Soon it will figure out how to live on 1400 calories per day and she will plateau. This usually happens in a few weeks. So, she ends up losing 5 to 10 pounds and then the weight loss slows to nothing. Does that sound familiar?

When you choose the right types of foods and eat more something amazing happens. You can eat slightly under your old 2100 calories and lose fat faster. Your metabolism increases causing your to burn fat easily. You have an increase in energy allowing you to become more active. You burn even more calories because you start moving more.

You must learn to embrace the right foods and good nutrition as the path to weight loss instead of using food denial. Even your occasional treats of favorite foods can help you stay on track when you eat the right foods 90% of the time. You must stop the insanity of denying your body fuel and start using your body the right way.

As you noticed, we mentioned the importance of movement. You need to make sure you start moving more. It is a good idea to have an exercise plan that provides strength conditioning and aerobic fitness. You do not need to have a crazy exercise program, just something simple. Even increasing the amount of walking, manual work, and play you do can make a big difference in improving your metabolism and burning calories.

Do Not Do it Alone

There is one piece of advice that can help you succeed with greater ease. Do not try to diet and transform your body on your own. You can buddy up with a friend, or choose a group that provides support to lose weight through a forum or online group. Having experts and friends that understand what you are doing can boost your morale and belief.  Following these few concepts will get you on track to lose weight permanently.


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