August 4

Eating Well Even When You Have Arthritis


Anyone who suffers from arthritis is in danger of not getting adequate nutrition because it can be so difficult for them to shop for groceries. Even if they manage this task, they might find it hard to prepare healthy meals because they are not able to stand or sit for long periods of time. They might also experience hand pain trying to do even the simplest of chores such as chopping or opening a can or jar.

What limits people having arthritis?

More than 52 million Americans experience some form of arthritis, which limits their mobility for even the simplest of tasks. Fortunately, there are many ways to buy groceries online these days, or you can have them delivered. In terms of hand issues, buy ready-cut vegetables, or use frozen. You can also use a Magic Bullet or food processor. Also check out the handy kitchen tools that are approved by the Arthritis Foundation.

Another important consideration for arthritis sufferers is one most of us face: needing to watch our weight. It is essential to reduce wear and tear on the joints and take a load off the ankles, knees and hips.

Make every calorie count.

Those with arthritis should make every calorie count with nutritious as well as delicious foods. This is especially important because arthritis sufferers are not able to exercise easily due to pain. Water aerobics, yoga, and a sensible walking program can all help shed extra pounds and increase mobility, so you will not stiffen up and experience further pain.

A third key consideration for meal planning when you have arthritis is whether or not the foods you are eating will trigger inflammation in the body. With inflammation, your body starts to attack itself. This is why arthritis is termed an auto-immune disorder. Rheumatoid arthritis in particular is sensitive to inflammation, and can cause severe pain and damage to the joints.

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, with lean protein, and few processed foods, is thought to reduce inflammation. Top foods anti-inflammatory foods to eat include apples, broccoli, and fish. Top foods to avoid include gluten, found in most grain-based foods; artificial sweeteners like aspartame; sugar; and alcohol.

Mobility issues, excess weight, and inflammation may all make it difficult to eat a balanced diet if you have arthritis. Use the resources available and to plan your own healthy balanced meals with the help of the right kitchen implements and shortcuts and see what a difference it can make to keep all of your health goals on track.


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