June 12

Healthy Meal Ideas Can Blast the Fat from Your Body.


What diets have you tried? Some of the favorite diets include ones with canned shakes, cellophane wrapped meals, and pre-packaged gunk they call food. Have you tried one of the diets that force you to eat “their” foods? You end up dreading your meals because they are repetitious and boring. Even worse, they lead to slowing down your metabolism decreasing the speed of fat loss and leave you feeling tired. That is not the right way to lose weight. You should be using healthy meal ideas that utilize a wide variety of high-quality vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and healthy fats.

Some of the hottest diets in the world deny you simple healthy pasta dishes because they have carbohydrates. Other diets deny you meat and insist you only consider vegetarian recipes. Most of the programs claiming to give you healthy meal choices place your body into a metabolic slump by not providing enough calories and nutrients to fuel the fat burning process. You plateau in your diet and give up. There are better ways to eat and succeed at losing fat.

Choose a Plan that Fuel Your Body Instead of Denying Your Body

The first thing to watch for in any diet offering weight loss recipes is to make sure they provide balance. Do they use a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, meats, whole grains, and dairy products? Do you get enough protein to decrease your hunger pains? Do their healthy dinner recipes include the proper fats so your body stays healthy?

There is a diet system designed a team of fitness professionals and a leading nutritionist that takes this to a new level. Their entire plan feeds the body to maximize performance, not to lose weight. Does that sound wrong? If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to throw out your old ideas and adopt some new strategies. Their plan focuses on changing your body into a fat burning machine by giving you high nutrition, plenty of fuel, and adding a little extra movement to your days.

Other diets deny your body and slow down your metabolism. Here is the real difference between the two theories. With diets based on denial, you lose weight fast for 2 to 10 days. After that initial burst of weight loss you level out and struggle to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week. On a plan to increase your metabolism you can lose up to 12% of your body weight in the first 30 days and continue losing weight after that. Your body does not shut down to preserve the fat. Imagine how much that represents for a 300-pound person. It is 36 pounds.

What is different in their method of eating?

The difference starts with variety. You eat a wide variety of foods to ensure you get the proper nutrients. The second issue concerns quantity. You must eat enough food every day to keep your metabolism high. The focus is not on calorie deprivation. The focus is no making your body more energetic and more efficient at burning fat. You can use a variety of quick nutritious meals and recipe ideas they suggest as the springboard for your diet plan.

The other recommendation is to start eating frequently. Have you dropped down to 2 meals a day in the past to attempt to lose weight? It was a disaster. You probably battled fatigue, headaches, cravings, and frequent bouts of binging on bad foods. How much energy would you have if you could eat ever 3 or 4 hours of the day? You will probably be surprised at how different you feel. You eliminate peaks and valley in energy. You stop the cravings. You know your next meal is coming up soon, so you do not cheat or binge. Since the meals contain plenty of calories and nutrition, your body does not trigger all of the unwanted side effects of most diets. Instead, your body goes into overdrive feeling better than it has in years. This is where the magic of eating healthy meals for your diet starts to pay off.

With the added energy, you start moving more. You burn additional fat and build muscle. Your body feels ready for action. Take that new energy and plan some healthy activities. You can choose to exercise, swim, walk, play with the kids, or tinker in the yard. The important thing is to get busy. This combination is what you really need. It is the path to losing fat consistently, improving your appearance, and keeping the fat off.




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