June 12

It is Not How Much You Eat – It is What You Eat!


Do you stare at those tiny servings offered on many diet programs with disbelief? Think about the times you walked through the frozen food aisle in your grocery and saw those tiny trays of food from diet companies. You
know if you eat one of those little meals for lunch or supper, you are going to be hungry in an hour or two. Even worse, those tiny portions slow down your metabolism making it even harder to lose weight. You start to feel sluggish and tired all the time. It is time for you to change your diet motto to, “It is not how much you eat, it is what you eat!” Let us take a few minutes to prove this point.

How often do you get hungry on a traditional diet?

In most traditional diets, including most popular diets, you work on the theory of calorie restriction. You eat small portions eliminating starches, fats, meats, or sugars. You are supposed to eat three meals per day. You feel hungry most of the day. Your body screams for extra nourishment. Your mind rebels against the lack of food. It wants to enjoy your favorite flavors. You become grumpy and irritable. Then your body decides you are in a crisis and starts to slow down your metabolism. Your weight loss stops. Why stay hungry all of the time when you are not losing weight?

On the right kind of diet you increase the volume of food you eat and expand variety. You switch to focusing on more healthy choices like fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fat free dairy products, and whole grain breads and pasta. You get adventurous and try new fruits like guava, kiwi, plantains, and pomelo. Your diet becomes exciting with flavor, adventure, and quantity.

You do not eat 3 times a day. You are now eating 5 to 6 times per day. You are never hungry.  Do you know what your body does? It turns up the heat on your metabolism. It knows you are getting enough food, vitamins, and minerals. It goes into overdrive giving you more energy and burning off fat at an incredible rate. There is even better news coming.

Diet Right 90% of the Time for the Best Success

How would you like to have a diet that suggests you eat your favorite foods? In one of the most effective diets around the nutritionist and trainers recommend you set aside 5 to 10% of your diet to enjoy foods you love. That includes the piece of cake, the hamburger, or the burrito you have been craving. Getting your diet right 90% of the time is not a suggestion to cheat. It is a recognition that our bodies react to change. These little breaks in your healthy diet choices can actually help your body keep your metabolism maximized and you focused on success.

These diet experts make one other important claim you should take to heart. 80% of the success of your diet is nutrition. Choosing the right foods and eating enough is the key to success. A metabolism running at full speed burns calories and fat with ease. Think about athletes who eat incredible amounts of food and stay lean. Their bodies are in overdrive all the time.

Adding One More Ingredient to Insure Success

You should add one other item to your diet plan. Eating the right foods in the right quantities is crucial to creating massive energy, but then you need to use it. You need to get your body busy. Use your newly discovered energy to dance around the house, clean the attic, or ride bikes with the kids. Go ahead and join the fitness class you have always said you wanted to try, but never had the energy. Follow the instructions of trainers who design plans to help you gain muscle and tone while you lose the fast. Additional movement does several things for you.

  • You burn additional fat.
  • You develop muscles that make you look healthier, stronger, and they burn fat.
  • Your metabolism speeds up more.

Exercise and movement turn up your metabolism for hours, not just for the moments you are active. Your body burns fat throughout the entire day when you take time to get additional activity.

Can you imagine losing weight while you eat more food? Can you picture having energy demanding to be used while you diet? That does not happen in normal diets. It is time for you to start eating the right way. You should use a method that allows you to eat more by choosing right and still lose weight fast.



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