June 17

Losing Weight Starts Above Your Shoulders.


Staring at the scale between your feet does not help you start losing weight. Looking in the mirror at your stomach, rear, and thighs does not change anything. The best tips for losing weight all have to start at one place, above your shoulders. This means two different things. You must take control of the way you think about food and what you put in your mouth. When you need to lose weight, you must stop worrying about the scale and find a way to lose fat while still enjoying life. Are you ready?

Change Your Thinking about a Healthy Diet Plan

Have you been following the advice of well-meaning diet experts, friends, and co-workers who suggest you need to decrease your caloric intake dramatically to lose weight?  It is time to make a major change in your thinking. You need to feed your body properly to lose weight. You cannot deprive your body to permanent change. It does not work.

Low calories diets equal low energy. It is that simple. If you drop your calories to the levels many experts suggest your body slows down, becomes tired, and leads to mood swings and trouble focusing. You end up cheating, binging, being grumpy, and then quitting.

It is time to switch things up. It is time to energize your body and let it do the work for you. By changing what you eat, you can boost your energy levels and your body’s ability to burn fat. The best weight loss plan is to leverage your own body’s ability to change and adapt.

When you deprive the body of food, it goes into survival mode. It slows down your metabolism. It burns muscle and other lean tissue to preserve those precious pounds of stored fat. It believes you are in a food shortage crisis and needs to save your life. On the other hand, when you feed your body high quality nutritious foods, your body responds by producing more energy, allows you to burn the fat, and makes you feel tremendous. Which way do you want to feel?

There is one other change you need to make to your eating plan. Your body is designed to respond to frequent meals by giving you even greater amounts of energy. You do not experience energy highs and lows. You stay on an energy high throughout the day. Your body does not produce excess insulin forcing it to store fat. Plan to eat every 3 to 4 hours to keep this level of energy. This means you will eat 5 to 6 times per day. You will eat less food at each meal focusing on high quality foods.

There is one more important factor to add to this mix. You need to use this new energy.

Choose to Move

If you need to lose weight, there is one thing that accelerates the process faster than anything does. It is getting your body in motion. Relax for a moment. We are not talking about blasting your body in a weight room or endless hours on an exercise bike. The key is to start using the new energy changing your diet provides to burn fat and excess pounds off your body.

This motion can include simple activities like washing your car, cleaning the garage, or a round of golf. It is a good idea to add some organized exercise activities to increase muscle and fitness, but the real key is to get moving more. Do you look for the closest parking spot at the grocery store and at the office? Try looking for one that is farther away and walk an extra 50 steps. Do you sit motionless watching TV? Get up and stretch, bounce around a little, or find a “busy hands” activity to do while you watch TV.

As you start moving more, your metabolism steps up another notch. Soon you will find it hard to sit around doing nothing. You will have energy. You will want to be in motion. You start burning fat easily without depriving yourself of food, which brings us to another point.

Cheating Your Way to Success

How long can you go without dessert? Will you go crazy without eating your favorite Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or American dish? That is the problem with so many diets. They are designed on the theory of denial. A smart diet, one that focuses on losing weight permanently, includes opportunities to cheat. A good example comes from a leading diet designed by a top nutritionist. She recommends eating smart 90% of the time and enjoying your favorites 10% of the time. This is a method of weight management you can live with. Are you ready to learn more?



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