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Weight Loss Results that Will Shock Even You.


Would you believe someone who said you can enjoy being on a diet? Would you believe easy weight loss means eating more? Can you believe it is possible to have weight loss results that are permanent, fast, and easy? No, this is not science fiction, a diet supplement, surgery, or any extreme ideas. It is time to throw the dieting myths out the door and lay down some real facts about how to lose weigh the right way.

Fast Weight Loss Results May Hide the Truth

It is time of a touch of bad news. Those articles in the magazines, the ads on TV, and flyers in the grocery store claiming miracle weight loss are hiding the truth. Yes, you can lose massive amounts of weight in just a few days. It is not fat. You lose water weight, fat, and muscle at the same time. Sadly, most of the weight loss is water. That first week of dramatic weight loss will be followed by stagnation if the diet is based on severe calorie reductions. Your body quickly slows down the metabolism to stop the starvation emergency and weight loss slows to nothing. You have probably seen this happen.

A better plan is to have a diet that maximizes your metabolism to allow your body to do the work for you. You may still see a large weight loss during the first few weeks from water loss, but your body does not shut down. Instead, it is giving you more energy and burning calories faster.  It starts by eating right.

Eating for Weight Loss and Energy Gains

Change your focus on eating from simply trying to lose weight to increasing your energy at the same time. Choose foods that you know will improve your health and energy. Use lean meats and beans for protein. Choose plenty of fresh vegetables. Eat fresh fruit. Include whole grain breads, pastas, and tortillas in your menu plan. You should eat nuts and other sources of healthy fats.

Change your eating plan from 3 big meals per day to 5 or 6 smaller meals. Never let yourself go more than 4 hours without eating. This helps maximize your energy levels. This is important for keeping weight off. Easy weight loss is achieved by getting your body to burn the fat, not starving it.fat man eating

A Body In Motion Causes Rapid Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight fast? You cannot accomplish it with starvation diets. With those types of diets you get rapid weight loss, followed by plateaus, and then rapid weight gain. A body that is starving is lazy, tired, and motionless.

A body that is well fed with the right foods is packed with energy. It is time to use it. What would you do if you had massive amounts of energy? You could start going to a karate class. You can start dancing to your favorite songs. Take your children to the park and prove you have massive energy. If you want to transform your body dramatically go ahead and sign up for a strength building class, aerobics, or kick boxing course. You have the energy to do it. More importantly, by using the energy you increase your metabolism even further giving you more energy.

Do not worry about what kind of movement, just start moving. Enjoy parking further away and walking to the office. Walk up and down every aisle in the grocery store to find out what is new on the shelves. You may even discover some new fruits, vegetables, or exotic breads you want to try.

Do Not Become a Food Hermit

Just a few things cause most people to stop their weight loss diet. They include:

  • Being tired all the time
  • Grumpiness
  • Food denial – Missing the foods you love
  • Hunger

What we are recommending eliminates all of these. You will be eating plenty of food and calories to eliminate low energy and hunger. You are eating frequently so hunger is unlikely. Grumpiness is caused by low blood sugar and hunger. You will not have those issues.

You do not deny foods to yourself, either. Focus on high quality foods and sticking to a plan 90% of the time. If you can do that, 10% of the time you can enjoy those favorites. You need them. It is what makes you enjoy life and eliminates those cravings that cause you to quit. Just remember, your focus is on eating for energy and moving more. With that combination, you burn the fat and change your body permanently.

What about the weight loss results that may shock you? People who follow the right ideas report losing up to 12% of their body weight in 30 days. Remember, that is without the problems of low energy, grumpiness, and hunger. That is shocking and exciting.



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